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Dental Checkup

4 Things to Know About Getting a Filling

A filling is required when your dentist finds that you have a cavity in your mouth. Children, as well as adults, can require fillings which can easily be found during cleaning visits. If you have never had a cavity filled before, you may be a little nervous about the process. Here are four things you […]

Waterlase Dental Technology

5 Tips for Overcoming Dental Phobia

For some, dental visits are just a little nerve-wracking. No one really likes to go, but most people do without an issue. For others, the word dentist strikes fear in their hearts and it can cause anxiety just thinking of meeting a dentist out in public. These people suffer from dental phobias and it can […]

Smile Designs

Bite Adjustment—It’s not just About Straight Teeth

Human teeth are meant to touch and provide chewing capabilities against one another for comfortable eating. However, most individuals do not have teeth that fit perfectly, meaning at least one or more teeth will touch harder than they should. This can have long-term effects that can be harmful as well a painful to the individual. […]


Getting The Smile You Want with Veneers

You may have heard of veneers, a treatment option for a new beautiful smile, but what exactly are veneers? The treatment is the best way to have gaps, chipped teeth or stained teeth transformed into pearly whites. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have classified veneers as a thin piece of porcelain that is used […]

Dental Crown

Crown or Veneer—Which do you need?

Porcelain veneers and dental crowns are the common form of restoration options when it comes to dental work. Both can be used for the same issues of the mouth, so how do you decide which option to go with? First, you will need to have a good understanding of both options to determine which restoration […]

Waterlase Dentistry Laser

Waterlase: Pain-free Dentistry

When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people avoid it due to the pain they may feel. Some people have a slight fear while others deal with a complete phobia of the dentist. Here at LB Dental, our office uses the latest technology to ensure you have a pleasant, nearly pain-free visit every time. […]

Get The Right Denture Fit

Getting The Right Denture Fit

Wearing dentures can be the best thing that happened to your smile or it could turn out to be a bad experience. It all comes down to how they fit your mouth. If you do not have the perfect fit with your dentures, it can be a painful experience that makes you doubt your decision. […]

Dental Bridge

Do I Need a Bridge?

Are you missing teeth and wondering what type of dental work will help you feel confident about your smile? One option for individuals that is commonly used to replace missing teeth is a bridge. A bridge is a segment created of crowns numbering two or more for teeth and placed on either side of the […]

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Care – What if Tooth is Knocked Out

While you try to protect your mouth and your children’s mouths at all times, accidents do happen. Maybe you’re working in the garage and you slip with a tool and it comes back to hit you in the face. Perhaps your children are playing outside and they fall down or a ball hits them in […]

Jaw Pain

Dealing With Jaw Pain (TMD)

When it comes to chewing and eating, you may not notice anything going on except the natural process of things. Other times you may have jaw pain or hear a pop when you’re chewing or opening your mouth. You may experience jaw pain when you get up in the morning or throughout the day. While […]

LB Dental in Phoenix

When Do You Need Regular Dental Cleanings?

Taking care of your oral health is more than just brushing and flossing everyday. To get the most healthy mouth you can, it’s imperative that you have your regular routine dental cleanings. Our office here at LB Dental offers a friendly staff and knowledgeable team members to help you keep up with your routine visits. […]

Biolase Dentistry

Biolase Lasers—How to get the smile you desire

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but unfortunately most of us are born with crooked teeth or issues that a dentist must repair in order to for us love our smile. On top of needing treatment or corrections, the majority of individuals in the world are scared to go to the dentist due to pain or even […]


Controlling Dental Pain

Being afraid of the potential pain is one of the reasons why most people shy away or keep on putting away their visit to the dentist. The good news is that there is a wide variety of techniques including medications that can help one battle this pain, and even manage anxiety in most cases. Here […]

Gum Health

Gum Health

“What are the best things I can do to keep my gums healthy for years to come” is probaby not the question you asked yourself after you woke up this morning. BUT, despite it not ranking high on most people’s prioity lists, gum healthy is incredibly important. The healthier your gums and teeth are, the […]

Bad Breath Remedies

No one likes to hear that they have bad breath (aka halitosis). It can be embarrassing for you and tough on the people around you. Thankfully, bad breath can usually be remedied in most cases. Do You Have Bad Breath? Bad breath is primarily caused by a buildup of bacteria present in the mouth that leads […]

Teeth Gaps

How to Correct Teeth Gaps

Gap teeth happen to be one of the most common types of dental issues. Causes can range from gum disease to thumb sucking. But don’t fear. Gapped teeth can be remedied. Diastema is the technical word used to refer to gap teeth. A gap can occur anywhere in the mouth. Gap teeth can result from […]

Porcelain Dental Crown

A Dental Crown May Be Your Solution

A Dental Crown is simply what you would call a tooth-shaped cap for a tooth. A dental crown helps to restore the tooth’s correct size and shape it to fit in line with the whole row of teeth. A crown, when put into place, is able to fully encase the visible portion of a tooth up […]

Waterlase Dental Technology

The Power of Waterlase Dentistry

Some people… in fact most people, are afraid to visit the dentist. Even while in the waiting room, anxiety rises as they hear the screeching of drills in a patient room. Others don’t visit the dentist because they are afraid of needles. Let’s be honest, no one likes to leave the dentist’s office with a puffy […]

Dry Mouth

Preventing Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Dry mouth is not something you feel only when you are thirsty, this is something you will feel when your mouth starts making lesser saliva than needed. The little saliva that you have is thick and stringy. Saliva is important as it helps you taste drinks and food and also digest them. In addition, it […]


A Few Things to Know About Braces

Dental braces have changed greatly in recent years mainly due to new dental technology. Therefore, there are many myths related to them and their associated treatments. Here are some of the basic things you may not know about braces. Who Said Anything about an Age Limit When people discuss braces, the first thing they think about […]

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