Jaw Pain

When it comes to chewing and eating, you may not notice anything going on except the natural process of things. Other times you may have jaw pain or hear a pop when you’re chewing or opening your mouth. You may experience jaw pain when you get up in the morning or throughout the day. While it could be something simple as overuse of the jaw, there’s also another situation that could have formed. Take a look here at TMD and see how our staff here at LB Dental can help you overcome this pain.


What is TMD?

TMD or temporomandibular disorder is a disorder in your jaw when the temporomandibular joint is injured or even damaged. It has also been called TMJ in the past. This disorder causes pain in the jaw, a clicking or popping noise, pain in the ear, and headaches, among other symptoms. The joint itself can affect the nerves and muscles in your jaw area around the joint.


How does it happen?

You could develop TMD over time after an injury to your jaw or damage to your teeth, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, stress and even gum chewing. It can show up in early years or it can happen later in life if you’ve had an injury to your jaw.


Who’s at risk?

While it can happen to anyone, there are different groups of people that are more prone to having this disorder pop up in their lives. Women in the age group of 18-44 seem to be the largest group who have an issue with TMD or TMJ symptoms. Those who have had an injury to their jaw or who suffer from some other type of arthritis already are at an increased risk as well. If you have a poorly aligned bite you can develop the TMD or TMJ symptoms as well.


How can LB Dental help?

Working with Dr. Bundalo for your TMD pain can give you the relief you need to live your everyday life. Dr. Bundalo has trained at the Dowson Center for Advanced Dental Study and has extensive training in this area of dental work. He has been offering solutions to patients for years to get rid of their frustrating and painful jaw disorders.


Dr. Bundalo and our team here at LB Dental work together to make sure you receive long lasting pain relief from any type of jaw pain you are currently facing. Through different treatments and therapies, including the dental laser, we can help you get freedom from the symptoms of TMD or other jaw pain problems.


Our free consultation will help you get on the path to pain free living. Call our office today at (602) 482-5100 to set up your consultation. We can work with you to get a treatment plan in place to stop the pain and give you a normal life once again.


Don’t live with the jaw pain, popping, headaches, and ear pain that can come along with TMD. There is a much better, pain-free way to live! Whether your bite needs adjusting through a variety of treatments or you need help with grinding and clenching your jaw, Dr. Bundalo has an answer for you. Call today and get on the path to pain-free living. Our highly trained and professional staff awaits to assist you!