Waterlase Dental Technology

For some, dental visits are just a little nerve-wracking. No one really likes to go, but most people do without an issue. For others, the word dentist strikes fear in their hearts and it can cause anxiety just thinking of meeting a dentist out in public. These people suffer from dental phobias and it can cause them to never set foot in a dentist office. Here at LB Dental we strive to make your dental appointments stress free. We work with patients who have dental phobias and know steps to make the visit easier and less anxious.

Take a look here at five tips we want to share for overcoming your phobia. You can slowly work on your fears and overcome them so your oral health stays intact.


Talk with Your Dentist First

Schedule a consultation with the dentist before any procedures are completed. This is not a cleaning or even sitting in the dentist chair. Start by talking to your dentist about your fears and phobias. Explain to them how long it’s been since you’ve been to a dentist and what the thought of the visit does to you. By starting off with a calm and safe environment for your discussion, you can start to work through your phobias.


Talk to a Counselor

You can get therapy and counseling as dental phobia is a very real problem. You can talk with a therapist and get help to overcome the fear. They can give you tips and tricks to use at the dentist office or work with your dentist to make your visits less stressful.


Sedation is Possible

For some patients, IV sedation or inhalation sedation is the only way they can get through a dental procedure. Dentist offices can now offer sedation for procedures to help make it less stressful. You are very relaxed and do not have to worry about the procedure as it is being done. They can offer sometimes medicine you can take before coming to the office to help you feel less stressed and anxious. Your therapist may also prescribe something for you to use before each visit.


Research New Technology

As it may have been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, start researching the new technology available. For instance, here at LB Dental, we utilize Waterlase technology. This cold laser approach makes it unnecessary to use the traditional drill which can strike fear in most people. This approach also makes it easy to heal from your procedure, offers a less invasive approach, and is virtually painless when you have a root canal or cavities repaired. Things have changed quite drastically in the years of dentistry work and this can help you overcome the phobias you may have.


Find a Dentist You Trust

It is very important that you find a dentist that you trust and can communicate with. Dr. Bundalo understands your fears and works with you to overcome them. You want to find someone you can talk with and that helps you through the fears, not someone who rushes you into the chair. Trusting your dentist is a very important and critical step to overcoming your phobia and getting the oral care you deserve.

Start your journey to better oral health today by calling our office at (602) 482-5100 and setting up your appointment today. We can work with you to find the best solution to your phobias and get you on the road to top oral care!