LB Dental in Phoenix

Taking care of your oral health is more than just brushing and flossing everyday. To get the most healthy mouth you can, it’s imperative that you have your regular routine dental cleanings. Our office here at LB Dental offers a friendly staff and knowledgeable team members to help you keep up with your routine visits.

There are many reasons to have your dental cleanings routinely, but here are a few to keep in mind. Take a look at this list and see why it’s important that you do not skip your regular appointments.


Fresh Breath

While you brush and floss daily, bad breath can take over anyway. It can come from a variety of things going on in your mouth. By making sure you keep up with your routine cleanings, you can prevent bad breath from causing you problems. It can come from bacteria build-up, plaque build-up and other areas of your mouth. By keeping up your routine appointments, you can avoid this embarrassing issue.


Keep Your Teeth

When you do not keep up with your healthy routine, it can cause disease such as gum disease. That can cause your teeth to rot or fall out after getting loose. It is important that you get regular cleanings so that you do not develop gum disease. If you happen to start developing gingivitis or gum disease, you can catch it early with the regular cleanings. You can get treatment early and stop the loss of your teeth by keeping up with your routine cleanings every six months.


Keep a Bright Smile

Food, drinks and even medication can cause your teeth to become discolored. Things such as coffee, tea and sodas can cause your teeth to be stained. By coming into the office for your cleaning, we can help to remove some of the built up stains and give you your bright white smile back.


Stop Cavities

When you do not have routine cleanings, you can develop painful cavities in your teeth. It can affect your tooth and eventually cause loss of teeth if you’re not careful. Coming in for your regular cleaning can stop that. We can catch cavities before they become too painful or large to repair. This not only helps you keep your teeth but catch problems before they become huge issues.


Overall Health Improvements

Recent studies have shown that heart health can be linked to gum disease and oral health. You must keep your oral health in tip-top shape so that you can prevent future heart attacks or strokes. It can also keep you from oral cancer and other oral health conditions that can cause problems throughout your entire body.


Your oral health affects not only your eating, talking and drinking, it can affect your whole overall well-being. By taking care of your mouth, you can take care of your entire body. Call our office today at (602) 482-5100 to schedule your routine cleaning. You don’t want to put it off any longer. If you haven’t been in several months or years, now’s the time to get a fresh start on a new you.


Come in and have your regular cleaning to save your breath, your teeth, and your heart. Fend off gum disease, cavities and bad breath all by taking a few minutes out of your day once every six months. You’ll be glad you did when your smile is shining and your body is healthy!