Dental Veneers

Veneers are the right choice for hundreds of our Phoenix patients!

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities, public speakers and movie stars all seem to have perfect smiles, chances are it’s because they have veneers! Veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored porcelain that cover the front surface of your teeth. Porcelain veneers look extremely natural. They resist staining and reflect light just light natural teeth. The results are immediate and amazing! Hundreds of our patients right here in Phoenix have veneers, and every year they are becoming more and more popular due to their affordability and quick results.

What kind of issues can veneers help with?

If you have teeth that are worn down, chipped, broken or misaligned, you may be a good candidate for veneers! Additionally, if you have teeth that are discolored and can’t be treated with typical teeth whitening procedures, veneers may be an option!

What all is involved in getting veneers?

Typically the process involves an initial consultation and evaluation, followed by separate visits for preparation and bonding. Call us for a free consultation with Dr. Bundalo here in our Phoenix office, and he will go over your various options, as well as the details of the preparation and bonding procedures.

If you find that veneers aren’t for you, there are always other options to improve the appearance of your smile. Dr. Bundalo is committed to finding the right solution for each patient, depending on their needs and budget. Remember, consultations are always free, and it never hurts to get a second opinion!