You may have heard of veneers, a treatment option for a new beautiful smile, but what exactly are veneers? The treatment is the best way to have gaps, chipped teeth or stained teeth transformed into pearly whites. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have classified veneers as a thin piece of porcelain that is used to recreate the natural look of teeth. The veneer is also used to provide resilience and strength that can be compared to the natural tooth enamel.

Veneers are custom made to fit the contour of your teeth, a service provided by qualified dentists such as our team at LB Dental. The veneers are bonded to the original enamel, finished during a series of procedures completed in the office.

Veneers are used in dentistry practices as they are less intrusive than braces or crowns to assist with dental needs. Veneers can be used to easily close gaps in the teeth or to correct a small misalignment. Veneers are also a cosmetic solution to help brighten teeth or to straighten a smile rather than to use braces. The treatment is also used for chipped, fractured or discolored teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

The most common material used for veneers is porcelain which is a conventional method for creating a beautiful smile. Composite resin veneers can also be used by your dentist. At LB Dental, we used porcelain veneers for correcting color or shape as the material can last for ten to twenty years.

Placement of Veneers

For a veneer treatment, the process typically takes one to two appointments. If the veneer is to be prefabricated, it will usually take one appointment. If the veneer is to be laboratory created, then it can take two appointments for the process to be completed. A local anesthesia is not needed when placing veneers. It can be used if the patient is in need. The tooth will be cleaned and ensured that the coloring matches for the veneer. A small amount of enamel will be removed to provide spacing for the veneer.

An impression of the tooth is made for the laboratory and a temporary veneer will be put in place on the tooth. Once the porcelain veneer is delivered, we are then able to remove the temporary veneer, clean the tooth and put the new tooth in place. Once all veneers have been put in place, the dentist will then polish the teeth and you are ready to enjoy your new smile.

Caring for veneers is similar to caring for your regular teeth. You need to brush and floss your teeth as you would normally. You will need to ensure that you brush properly each day and use a fluoride toothpaste that is non-abrasive. Coffee and other foods that can stain the teeth should be avoided if you want to maintain the coloring of the veneers.

Veneers will need to be replaced at some point in your life. No matter how well you care for the porcelain veneers, they only have a lifespan of around 10 to 20 years. If you are considering veneers for your smile, contact our office today. We can assist you with information on veneer treatment as well as provide you with a consultation. We will help to determine if you can benefit from this treatment to help you have a wonderful new smile.