Teeth Gaps

Gap teeth happen to be one of the most common types of dental issues. Causes can range from gum disease to thumb sucking. But don’t fear. Gapped teeth can be remedied.

Diastema is the technical word used to refer to gap teeth. A gap can occur anywhere in the mouth. Gap teeth can result from several issues. First off, the teeth may be way too small in proportion to the jaw bone that causes the space. The missing or small teeth can lead to other teeth spreading out which causes the gaps between the teeth. Also, sucking your thumb during childhood can force the front teeth to push forward which causes a gap.

If the tissue located above your two front teeth is too big, then it may also cause a gap once it grows onwards between the teeth. Gum disease is another thing that is known for creating space between the teeth. Most gaps start forming in childhood and gum disease can cause problems at all ages.

Your Options

You have a range of options for these which include fixing bands. You can slip the rubber bands over your teeth at night and they do the work to draw your teeth closer and closer. However, many orthodontists say that the process can be painful at times and runs the risk of pulling teeth out of alignment.

There are cosmetic means as well. You can use dental veneers or dental bonding like Lumineers. In procedures of bonding, dentists apply tooth-colored resin to the teeth and fills out the gap. It costs between $300 to $800 for each tooth and needs a minimum of two teeth at least.

Veneers, on the other hand, are ceramic or porcelain shells which fit over your existing teeth but involve some scraping of the tooth enamel. Ultra-thin veneers do not need scraping but the cost is much higher. Partial braces can also be used to correct teeth gaps. The treatment may be covered by insurance for young children.

If you have enlarged labial frenum, you can correct it with oral surgery known as frenectomy which is used to trim off the excess tissue.

The recommended way is to get your teeth gaps fixed by an experienced dentist – an expert who can adapt quickly to the methods most suitable for your needs. Expect the costs to vary depending on whether you choose a long term plan or not. To schedule a consultation, please contact us or call 602-482-5100.