Dental Bridge

Are you missing teeth and wondering what type of dental work will help you feel confident about your smile?

One option for individuals that is commonly used to replace missing teeth is a bridge. A bridge is a segment created of crowns numbering two or more for teeth and placed on either side of the space where teeth are missing. The abutment is the anchoring teeth and the false tooth or teeth will be placed in between. The false teeth are known as pontics and are created from several materials including porcelain, gold or alloys, even a mix of the materials.

There are several benefits to a dental bridge. You can instantly have your smile restored as well as improve your ability to speak and chew. You can retain the regular shape of your face as well as distribute the bite force of your mouth by replacing the teeth that are missing. The bridge will also help to prevent the teeth you do have from moving out of their position.


The Process

The process for getting a dental bridge may include several trips to the dentist office. The first visit will include the abutment teeth being prepared. This preparation will include recontouring the teeth by taking away a portion of enamel that will give room for the crown to be placed on top. An impression of the teeth will be completed. This will give a model for the bridge to be created in a dental lab.

In the meantime, the dentist will create a temporary bridge that can be worn to protect your teeth and gums that are exposed while the bridge is in process. Your second visit will include the temporary bridge being removed and the new bridge being put in place. The dentist will ensure the fit is proper so that you will be comfortable as you wear the bridge.

Multiple visits to the dentist may be required as the fit of the framework and bite may need to be monitored. This will be dependent on the individual. If you are in need of a bridge or may be considering one for your smile, contact LB Dental today. We can help you with all your bridge needs as well as additional dental services. Learn more about bridges and what types might work for you by scheduling an appointment today with our office.