Jaw Pain Treatment

Experiencing pain in your jaw? We can help!

Dr. Bundalo has specific training for diagnosing and treating issues of the masticatory system. He attended the Dowson Center For Advanced Dental Study, and has been focused on this area for many years. Many of our patients come in solely for treatment of jaw pain!

If you are experiencing pain in your jaw, you may have TMD (temporomandibular disorder), which can be caused by clenching, grinding or dislocation of the jaw. There may be various underlying issues, but in most cases Dr. Bundalo can recommend a treatment for lasting relief from pain! In some cases, the pain can be directly treated with dental lasers, or if there is a misalignment of the jaw or issues with your bite, Dr. Bundalo will present several options for treatment.

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What about jaw pain with braces?

It’s very common to have jaw pain while you have braces, and afterward. When teeth are shifted, your natural bite is affected. If your bite is not properly aligned, this can lead to pain in the muscles of the jaw. Dr. Bundalo is able to make adjustments to your bite in order to fix these issues, resulting in lasting relief.