Biolase Dentistry

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but unfortunately most of us are born with crooked teeth or issues that a dentist must repair in order to for us love our smile. On top of needing treatment or corrections, the majority of individuals in the world are scared to go to the dentist due to pain or even a phobia. For years, dentists have tried to find unique ways to help patients overcome these fears, including using the latest methods of technology.

One option now in use is the Biolase laser. This treatment option allows the patient to feel good about any treatment they will receive by the dentist, pain-free. The old way of treating certain conditions would be with a drill, with individuals requiring anesthetic to be able to sit through the treatment. An injection of anesthetic would be needed, which can be painful within itself. And one reason why patients fear having any sort of treatment completed by the dentist.

The drill would also affect the treatment process. In many cases, the drill causes so much vibration as well as macrofractures that bacteria is allowed to penetrate the teeth which can lead to even more decay. In today’s industry of dental work, there are other options including the Biolase. This unique technique uses laser technology and helps to cut and shape the tissue of the mouth during treatment without vibration, pressure or even direct contact. This treatment option is very effective for a more precise treatment and prevents bleeding like the treatments of the past.

This new gentle dental treatment will make you feel good about upcoming appointments with your dentist. At LB Dental, we want you to feel comfortable with the treatment you will receive. We provide a comfortable environment with the technology needed for a virtually pain-free treatment. You will never have to worry about a painful service or fear coming to the dentist again. We can show you just how the tool works to help you have a beautiful smile once again without fearing setting foot inside the dentist office.

For many people, getting over the fear is the hard part. We can help you schedule the dental work you need and help alleviate the fear. The new biolase technology provides accuracy and precision, helping to take care of the issue at hand without damaging surrounding areas of the affected tooth or gums. There is reduced trauma when compared to drills that can leave fractures and hairline cracks on the teeth.

With this technology, you will have less bleeding and swelling which cuts down on healing time. This type of treatment also requires you to have fewer dental visits. Due to the ways of treatment in the past, you may have had to come back several times to take care of issues such as cavities. With the laser treatment, all the work can be done at once without damaging the other areas of your mouth. You will have to visit us less and still receive quality dental care.

Contact our office today to learn more about this treatment method. You will feel good about having your smile look its very best without worrying about the pain of treatment. Let us help you have a beautiful smile for years to come!