Get The Right Denture Fit

Wearing dentures can be the best thing that happened to your smile or it could turn out to be a bad experience. It all comes down to how they fit your mouth. If you do not have the perfect fit with your dentures, it can be a painful experience that makes you doubt your decision. Here at LB Dental, we understand the importance of the perfect fit when you move to dentures. Here are a few reasons why you need to make sure you have the perfect fit for your new denture plates.


Uncomfortable Eating

When you are eating with your dentures, they can move around your mouth if you do not have the perfect fit. That can make it hard for you to eat comfortably or make embarrassing situations for you when you’re eating with friends or family. You want to make sure they are secure in your mouth so that you do not have to worry about embarrassing mishaps or even difficulty enjoying your favorite foods.


Pain In Your Mouth

Your gums can get quite sore and have blisters or other lesions on them if your dentures are moving around to much. They can rub your gums and make it difficult or impossible to even wear your dentures until your gums heal. By making sure your dentures fit properly, you can avoid painful sores on your gums. It can also cause your gums to swell. This is not just localized to your gums but other areas of your mouth can swell as well.


Misaligned Bite

A misaligned bite with your new dentures can cause all sorts of eating and comfort issues. You can also endure jaw pain if your bite is off. This simple misalignment can also make it difficult for you to eat the foods you love.


Loose Fit

A loose fit means your dentures may fall while you’re talking, eating or drinking. Moving dentures can cause you to have embarrassing moments when talking with friends or family. It is also uncomfortable if your dentures are constantly slipping out of the spot they should be in.


Infections in Mouth

If your dentures are not fitting quite as they should, you could get an infection known as thrush in your mouth. This can be quite painful and cause you problems with eating, drinking, and talking.


Your jaw and bite alignment change over time, as well as your gums can shrink after you have had the teeth pulled. All of these factors need to be taken into account when you’re being fitted for your dentures. Our highly trained team here at LB Dental knows all these factors and makes sure you get the perfect fit everytime. Whether you’re in need of partial dentures, full plates, or a refitting, we can help you have the comfortable fit you need and want in your dentures.


Call our office today at (602) 482-5100 to talk with a friendly office staff member and get your dentures the perfect fit. You can have the beautiful smile you wish and have a healthy mouth at the same time. Be sure you call our office today to get your dentures fitting just as they should. Avoid the pain, infection and embarrassment that can come with misfitting dentures. Let our office put their experience to work for you in getting that perfect smile every time!