Smile Designs

Human teeth are meant to touch and provide chewing capabilities against one another for comfortable eating. However, most individuals do not have teeth that fit perfectly, meaning at least one or more teeth will touch harder than they should. This can have long-term effects that can be harmful as well a painful to the individual.

To avoid any further damage to the teeth, a bite adjustment is made. At LB Dental, we offer a variety of services to ensure you have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. From cleaning to whitening, we can offer a number of options for your dental needs, including a bite adjustment. It is not uncommon for individuals to clench or grind the teeth. When this happens on a regular basis, then a mild problem with alignment can become even worse.

One option for avoiding grinding of the teeth is a bite guard. Otherwise known as a night guard, this option can be helpful to stop grinding, especially if you have had your teeth reshaped to fit better. As your jaws close and the teeth touch, the jaw is acting as a hinge. The teeth should be coming together evenly and then provide an evenly distributed force. This means that no tooth or teeth should touch before the others. If the teeth do not touch evenly, then stress is placed on certain teeth as well as jaw joints and muscles.

If your teeth are out of position, the use of braces or retainers may be needed. If you have other issues alongside the teeth misalignment, such as jaw joint or muscle issues, you may need a different treatment type. If you find that you have a fairly well-aligned mouth, but your teeth do not touch properly, reshaping can be done to solve the issue. Reshaping can include only a few teeth or everyone depending on the individual.

There are several reasons that teeth may not align well and will be in need of adjustment. This can include:

  • Teeth out of alignment
  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • Worn or broken fillings/crowns
  • Missing teeth
  • Extra teeth
  • Unusual tooth shape
  • Jaw size or position
  • Nerve damage
  • Accident or trauma
  • Muscle dysfunction

At LB Dental, we can offer you the simple process of bite adjustment to help you have an aligned smile. We must first examine your teeth and get a proper diagnosis. We will provide an examination, covering all areas including x-rays to see how your teeth are aligned. By looking at the conditions present, our dentists can then conclude what is wrong with your teeth, including if you need a bite adjustment. Sometimes we may need to make a model of your teeth and use an articulator to simulate the jaw movement as well as tooth movement to be able to better diagnose the status of your bite. Additional examination options that may be needed include an MRI, CT scan and joint X-rays.

We will then work to reshape or polish your teeth once the diagnosis has been completed. Once repaired, we will continue to monitor and re-evaluate the issue to ensure that your bite stays aligned and you are comfortably able to eat as well as go about your day. Find out more about bite adjustment by contacting our office with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.