Waterlase Dental Technology

Some people… in fact most people, are afraid to visit the dentist. Even while in the waiting room, anxiety rises as they hear the screeching of drills in a patient room. Others don’t visit the dentist because they are afraid of needles. Let’s be honest, no one likes to leave the dentist’s office with a puffy face. Waterlase Dental Technology. WaterLase is actually a laser that allows the dentist to use little or no anesthetic or any drills to perform dental procedures.

The Natural Water Powered Dentistry

WaterLase mixes air, water, and laser energy for safe use on human tissue inside the mouth. Our teeth are partly made up of water and once the laser makes contact with your tooth it stimulates the water molecules which cut through your tooth. The laser sprays out water continuously which keeps the water hydrated and which prevents heat and makes the procedure pain-free.

The Convenient Way

Even for people who floss religiously or use fluoride every day, it is easy to end up with a cavity. When you are busy balancing work, family, and school, there is very little time left for you to cater to dental appointments. Now you do not have to worry because WaterLase dentists do it all at the same time. Also, it is less likely that you might need an injection and because of that you do not have to bother too many visits to the doctor for the procedure to be complete.

It is Precise

Lasers that are made use of in cosmetic fields, ophthalmology, and dermatology have been around for decades now. It is the same case with WaterLase. The laser is cleared about numerous dental applications which can be executed on both adult and pediatric patients.

The best part about WaterLase is that it is precise. Regular drills rely on removing great amounts of tooth in order to get the job done. The continuous spinning and grinding of a drill can cause pain and cracks. The laser, however, gets rid of accurate amounts from the tooth. Because of this feature people rarely need anesthetics.

Waterlase Dental Technology

Cuts Out The Risk Of Cross Contamination

People who have suffered from food poisoning know what this means. Cross contamination is about coming across bacteria when you do not expect them. The potential for cross contamination between patients in any sort of medical environment is in fact a widely documented risk.

Now WaterLase is the technology that minmizes this risk. The laser works without making contact with the tooth and the dentist can operate with a single use and disposable tips so that you do not have to bother with the thought of what the other patient’s dental problem was.

New Waterlase Pain-free Dental Technology is changing our industry, and making trips to the dentist easier for people. If you’re interested in learning more, or setting up an exam, call us at (602) 482-5100 or Contact Us.