Dental Bridge

We provide our Phoenix patients with comfortable, stable, well-fitting and long-lasting dentures.

For our patients that require traditional dentures, our goal is always to provide a comfortable, long-lasting solution. Dr. Bundalo is committed to the satisfaction of his patients. At LB Dental, our goal is to provide you with affordable, quality dentures with natural looking teeth!

Are your current dentures loose, uncomfortable or painful?

Part of our process that results in a quality solution is Dr. Bundalo’s experience with the masticatory system (bones & muscles of the jaw). In order for dentures to fit well, the natural biting motion of the jaw always must be taken into consideration. Dr. Bundalo is able to examine your dentures, jaw and bite and present options for you to consider, including adjustment or replacement of your dentures. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation! Our office is conveniently located off East Bell Road near Hwy 51 in Phoenix!

Concerned about pain?

If some of your teeth need to be extracted, or if other surgical procedures are required, rest assured that thanks to our use of Waterlase and Biolase lasers, you will be comfortable and recover quickly!