Waterlase Dentistry Laser

When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people avoid it due to the pain they may feel. Some people have a slight fear while others deal with a complete phobia of the dentist. Here at LB Dental, our office uses the latest technology to ensure you have a pleasant, nearly pain-free visit every time. Whether you need dental work, cleanings or cosmetic dental work, our pleasant and highly trained staff take care of you.


One way we do that is by using the latest in dental work technology. By using the Waterlase laser system for your appointment, you can get the dental work you need without the drilling you’re used to. This amazing system helps to get the job done without causing you the anxiety or pain that traditional dental drills can cause. Take a look here at why we employ this fantastic process and how you can benefit from the Waterlase laser system in our office.


What is Waterlase?

This technology utilizes cold laser processes to take care of your dental needs. It combines the power of laser energy, water, and air to do the job. The laser gives a cool feeling as you’re in the chair and it helps to give you an experience that is nearly pain-free. Learn more about Waterlase technology here.


Can My Root Canal Be Done With This?

Absolutely. We can use this technology to work on your root canals, treat your tooth decay or gum disease, and several other procedures. We use this in our cosmetic dentistry procedures, and even to fix cavities. It helps you to have less anxiety when you come to the dentist office, so you can stop avoiding those procedures you so desperately need.


Why Do I Want This Technology Used ?

There are many reasons why our patients, just like you, benefit from us using this laser technology during your visit. Because of this advanced technology, you can typically have all the preparation work and the procedure itself done in one visit. That means there’s no waiting time like traditional procedures have done before. You can get everything completed in fewer visits than your traditional drilling work has provided.


You also have less healing time when we work on your mouth with the Waterlase technology. Since the laser is so precise, there are fewer problems such as bleeding and swelling. The trauma your mouth typically sustains during normal procedures is drastically reduced. Your recovery time is cut shorter than ever before.


You will also enjoy this technology if you’ve had to have anesthesia before. Because of the gentle nature of the laser itself, there’s no traditional vibrating, pressure and pain associated with the drill. You can have a nearly pain free experience and get the procedures you’ve been putting off.


Our office strives to give you the best in dental care in the area. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you come to LB Dental. By utilizing this latest technology, you can stop avoiding the procedures you need and keep your mouth healthy and happy.


Call our office today to find out how your root canal, cavity work or cosmetic dentistry can be taken care of with the Waterlase laser technology. Talk with one of our staff members to set up your appointment and get on track for a healthy mouth.