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What to Expect With Your First Set of Dentures

If you are going to get your first set of dentures, it is only fair that you know what to expect. The end result will be a beautiful smile, but there is a fair bit of work that goes into the denture fitting process. Taking Impressions After deciding to get dentures, your first visit will involve having dental […]

What Determines the Cost of Dental Treatment?

If you are like most patients, then you never really pay much attention to how the cost of your dental treatments and processes are determined. However, for the select few who might be interested in just how the final figure is arrived at, here are a few hints. The basics Basically, a dentist is like any […]

Understanding the Different Types of Veneers

If you are not satisfied with your smile, or how your teeth look, you might want to consider veneers as a solution. Veneers are one of the most popular and effective treatment options for those discolored, missing or broken teeth. However, choosing to have veneers fitted also comes with the burden of having to choose […]

Current Cosmetic Industry Trends

The cosmetic dentistry industry is one of the more progressive industries in the dental field. Just like any other industry, every year brings with it new trends in service delivery and marketing. Here are some of the things that will likely rule the cosmetic dental industry in 2017-2018. Dental bonding If you have any chipped […]

How to Evaluate an Urgent Care Dentist

When stricken with an illness of any kind, most people often resort to online symptom checkers. The problem might be solved this way, at least temporarily, but more often than not, the solution you find will only make things worse. When it comes to dental care, the most urgent dental problems are normally immediately apparent. […]

Post-Op Care for Adhesive Dentistry

Adhesive Dentistry Adhesive dentistry is now part of almost every dental practice. The term bonding is one of the most common terms thrown around in dental circles. Historically, adhesives date all the way back to 1955 when acids were used as tooth surface treatment before adding resin to the enamel. This was part of first generation […]

Characteristics of the Top Pediatric Dentists

We all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to decisions that involve their health. One of the most important decisions you can ever make for your child is the choice of a dentist, but what exactly does it mean when choosing a good pediatric dentist? Here are some characteristics to look […]

Dentures vs. Veneers: The Most Ideal Treatment for Your Teeth

The cracked or chipped tooth problem can be difficult to handle. Those who have missing teeth might feel a more urgent need to do something about it, but that involves choosing the most appropriate treatment option. Faced with the choice between dentures and veneers, there is no single better solution; each one serves a different […]

Waterlase Dentistry Laser

What is Waterlase?

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterlase? It has been one of the most thrown around words in the dental industry in the past few years, but what exactly does Waterlase mean? Doctors have been able to use laser treatment in various areas of medical health like skin care, vision correction and in various kinds of surgeries. […]

Whitening your teeth – Dentist visit or do it yourself?

Over the years, teeth tend to lose their whiteness and shine. No matter how many times you go to the dentist each year or brush your teeth, you will begin to see yellowing and discoloration as you age. Many factors lead to such discoloration such as caffeine, wine, smoking, etc. Everyone wants to have whiter […]

Jaw Pain Treatment

Tips for After a Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is a treatment method used to remove a tooth or teeth from the mouth by a dentist. There are several reasons why a tooth will need to be extracted, with the most common being the tooth is damaged so badly it must be removed. A crowded mouth with too many teeth or […]

Dr Luka Bundalo

Medicine and Dry Mouth – What can you do?

Dry mouth is an issue that many adults face based on a number of factors. Dry mouth can occur when you have underlying medical conditions, including taking medicine for a host of issues. It is important that you consult your dentist to try and determine the cause of dry mouth so that you can avoid […]

Biolase Laser

New Technology in Dental Care

New Technology Takes Dentistry to the Next LevelWhen it comes to visiting the dentist office, you expect nothing but the best in care. For your dentist to be able to provide you with excellent service, they must use the latest technologies. Tools and materials are constantly changing in the dental field and it can be […]

Getting Dentures – What you need to know

Are you considering getting dentures but have no idea what the process entails? Perhaps you are scared or confused as to what exactly happens when you get dentures? Learning more about dentures will help you feel more at ease. Dentures are an artificial replacement method for your natural teeth and can be made from acrylic […]

Dental Bridge

Get a bridge to bring back your smile confidence

When teeth are missing, it can lead an individual to feel self-conscious. Anyone who is missing teeth does not want to smile and may even avoid going out in public. Thankfully, there are ways to adjust the mouth for missing teeth, one of which is a bridge. A bridge is a fixed removable device that […]

Emergency Dentist in Phoenix

Emergency Dental Visits Made Simple

A dentist office should always be prepared for a dental emergency. Adults and children can easily break teeth, lose a tooth or have trauma to the mouth and a dentist is needed pronto. Emergency care should be provided by your dental office so that you can be cared for immediately. Dental emergencies must be handled […]

Smile Design

Cosmetic Dentistry – Options to Getting the Smile You Want

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile. It takes time and effort on your part as well as help from your dentist to achieve the smile you dream of. Cosmetic dentistry is one such category in which dentists offer a multitude of options for perfecting your smile. From subtle changes to major work, your […]

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Anxiety-free Dental Visits

Anxiety free dental visits – tips to overcome your phobia If you are like most people, you do not look forward to going to the dentist. There are millions of people around the world who are afraid to set foot in the dentist’s office. However, treatment is necessary to be able to have a lovely […]

Dr Luka Bundalo

5 Ways to Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit Easy and Stress Free

Children who have never been to the dentist may feel overwhelmed when it comes to their first visit. It is important to prep your child for their first dental checkup so they feel comfortable once in the dentist chair. Below are a few tips to help you prepare your child for the first visit to […]

Smile Designs

Designing Your Smile

Getting the smile you want and deserve When it comes to your smile, you want to look your very best. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth. It takes a great deal of work on your part as well as help from the dentist to get the perfect smile. With so many treatment […]

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