Emergency Dentist in Phoenix

A dentist office should always be prepared for a dental emergency. Adults and children can easily break teeth, lose a tooth or have trauma to the mouth and a dentist is needed pronto. Emergency care should be provided by your dental office so that you can be cared for immediately. Dental emergencies must be handled by an expert and should take place as quickly as possible to save teeth and ensure a healthy mouth.

After-Hours Treatment

If the emergency takes place after hours, you will need to access the dental office via telephone. Always keep emergency numbers within reach so that you can contact help when needed. For an extreme emergency, the dentist should meet you at the office to ensure proper treatment in a quick manner. If you have a non-emergency, the dentist can suggest treatment at home until you can come into the office once it opens.

Broken, Chipped or Cracked Teeth

If you have a tooth that is broken, chipped or cracked, it is recommended that you rinse out your mouth with warm water and use a cold compress on your face in the area of the tooth. Visit your dentist as quickly as possible. Wrap the tooth fragment up in wet gauze and bring with you in case it can be used during repair work.

Knocked Out or Loosened Tooth

If you have a trauma take place to the mouth and a tooth has been loosened or knocked-out, contact the dentist immediately. You will want to carefully place the tooth back in position and hold the tooth by the crown with a clean towel or washcloth. Your dentist can try to reinsert the tooth but treatment will be needed immediately in the hopes of doing so.

Additional Emergency Needs

A broken jaw, busted lip or bitten tongue are other treatment options that may be needed when it comes to dental emergency. If you feel that you have broken your jaw in an accident, head straight to the dentist or the emergency room of your local hospital. Immediate treatment is needed. If you have bitten your lip or tongue, clean the affected area and use a cold compress to stop swelling from taking place. If bleeding becomes too severe, head to the dentist or doctor’s office for treatment.

Whatever your dental emergency, contact your dentist for assistance. During after hours, emergency preparations can be made or treatment options suggested for your individual case. Never hesitate to contact your dentist in case of an emergency as it could mean saving a tooth.

To learn more about emergency dental services or to schedule an appointment for service, contact our office today. Our team is happy to help whenever you have a dental emergency need.