Over the years, teeth tend to lose their whiteness and shine. No matter how many times you go to the dentist each year or brush your teeth, you will begin to see yellowing and discoloration as you age. Many factors lead to such discoloration such as caffeine, wine, smoking, etc. Everyone wants to have whiter teeth and with the latest innovations in technology, we have the option to whiten teeth at home or at the dentist office. But should you try to whiten your teeth at home? Is it safe? Perhaps the process of whitening your teeth should be left to the experts. Below we explore whitening alternatives and what can work best to restore your smile to a beautiful white color.

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Kit

For DIY teeth whitening, you have the option to purchase an over the counter whitening kit. You can purchase a kit that includes a try and gel, whitening strips, paints, etc. Kits vary so you will find a variety of ways to whiten your smile. Dentists recommend that if you choose this option, go with the strip kit. With strips, you are less likely to swallow any bleach used to whiten your teeth or damaging your gums. Such kits use only mild bleaching solutions so you may not see as dramatic results as you would with a dentist whitening service.

Professional Bleaching Trays

Instead of opting for the bleaching tray kits that are DIY, consider having your dentist use a professional bleaching tray. The dentist office can offer this method and will use an impression of your teeth to create a custom tray. Every tooth will be covered as the tray will fit your mouth perfectly. This treatment can be used in conjunction with other dental treatments for a perfectly white smile.

Laser Bleaching

A more extreme option that can be used to whiten teeth is laser bleaching. With this technique, a barrier is used for the gums and a strong bleach is applied to the teeth. A laser light is then used to activate the bleach and make the chemical whiten the teeth. The gums are protected and you are being supervised by a dentist during this strong treatment. This treatment usually takes one office visit and will include three treatments taking 20 minutes each. You will have a much brighter smile once treatment is complete.

Making the Right Decision

How you wish to whiten your teeth is a personal decision. You will have to weigh the cost of a professional whitening versus DIY as well as the results you wish to see. A dental whitening will have a higher cost but will also be a safer alternative as well as provide a stronger white to your teeth. You must also consider the maintenance aspect of whitening. The color will not stay so over time, you will have to treat your teeth again, whether you choose a DIY option or go with a dental appointment.

To learn more about teeth whitening methods for your smile, call our office at (602) 482-5100. We are happy to help you find the right way to have a brighter smile.