Dr Luka Bundalo

Dry mouth is an issue that many adults face based on a number of factors. Dry mouth can occur when you have underlying medical conditions, including taking medicine for a host of issues. It is important that you consult your dentist to try and determine the cause of dry mouth so that you can avoid tooth decay and possibly increase the flow of saliva in the mouth to help alleviate dry mouth issues.

Medication and Dry Mouth

If medication is causing you to have dry mouth, you will need to consider making a change. Many medications can have dry mouth as a side effect, including drugs used for anxiety, allergies, depression, urinary incontinence and more. You may need to try a new dosage or a different medication altogether to be able to avoid having dry mouth symptoms.

Stop Dry Mouth to Prevent Tooth Decay

Saliva in the mouth helps us to digest food as well as making it easy for us to chew and swallow our food. Saliva is used to naturally clean the mouth. When dry mouth occurs, issues with the teeth can begin because the mouth is not as clean as it once was. Gum disease and tooth decay are likely to take place when you do not have enough saliva in your mouth. When dry mouth occurs, individuals need to take care to follow good hygiene habits with the mouth to ensure proper teeth and gum care.

You will need to brush your teeth at least 2x a day and more if you can. After every meal and before you go to bed are a sure fire way to avoid mouth issues. Floss your teeth each day to avoid any food particles from irritating gums. Use a toothpaste that includes fluoride for maximum cleaning and protection. Be sure to visit your dentist on a regular basis for a cleaning and checkup.

Your dentist can also recommend options to avoid dry mouth issues. When you feel that you are suffering from dry mouth, be sure to contact Dr. Bundalo here at LB Dental. A dental visit will give you peace of mind as your mouth is reviewed for any possible problems.

Dry Mouth Dental Treatments

If we find that you are suffering from other dental issues, we’ll make recommendations on appropriateĀ treatments. One option we may recommend is artificial saliva products. These products can be purchased over the counter at a drug store and will come in a spray or rinse form. A drug that can work for dry mouth includes Salagen or Evoxac. We will be able to determine which route to take in order to alleviate your dry mouth and get you back to normal in no time, producing the saliva you need for a healthy mouth.

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