Waterlase Dentistry Laser

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterlase?

It has been one of the most thrown around words in the dental industry in the past few years, but what exactly does Waterlase mean? Doctors have been able to use laser treatment in various areas of medical health like skin care, vision correction and in various kinds of surgeries. Thanks to Waterlase, laser treatment is now readily available in the dental care field. Waterlase treatment eliminates the need for the drill, which has traditionally been the stuff of nightmares for many people. Instead, the dentist uses laser to reach either soft or hard tissue without generating any pressure, vibrations or heat. Dental appointments that normally took more than one visit can now be completed in a single session.

What are some of the advantages?

Being a relatively new treatment technique, it has been lauded for its advantages. Here are some of the benefits of Waterlase treatment:

Reduced Trauma

This is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. The use of the high-speed drill to restore damaged or decayed teeth often results in fractures or hairline fractures in the teeth. While the drill restored the teeth, these fractures are likely to cause problems in the future. With Waterlase, the trauma is minimized, and the damage is reduced.

Swelling and Bleeding

This is another result of the relatively conservative way that Waterlase works. There is not as much cutting action as there would have been had a drill been used. The recovery process is therefore much smoother because of the reduced swelling and bleeding.


Because the procedure involves much less cutting, the dentist can cut down on traditional necessities in the process, like anesthesia. In some cases, anesthesia shots might not entirely be necessary. Research shows that the vast majority of patients do not, in fact, need injections when they undergo dental procedures.

Dental Visits

Unlike other dental treatments, the Waterlase process gets to the root of the problem much faster. It is a much more efficient process than the traditional dental tools. With Waterlase, dentists can often perform procedures in a single visit. Processes like the removal of dental decay before the placement of crowns, gum reshaping and contouring are much easier. The effectiveness of Waterlase means reduced chances of cross-contamination, drug interactions and quicker return to routine.


A Waterlase dentist is able to remove decay more precisely than a dentist that uses a drill. This will save more healthy parts of your teeth, saving you from the cost and discomfort of having to use bridges, implants and dentures.


There are benefits even for the dental professionals themselves. Waterlase can be used in a number of different dental procedures. It can work for both hard and soft tissue procedures, including cavity prep, removal of decay, smile design, root canals and surgical procedures on the gums and bones.

Visits to the dentist always remain low on the list of things to do. However, with Waterlase the days of throbbing jaws and numbed mouths seem to be over. Drills used to be messy and disastrous, most times resulting in heat between the drill and tooth. Waterlase takes away all this trouble.

The dental field is rapidly improving, and Waterlase is part of the revolution. Visit LB dental in Phoenix to be part of the new revolutionized dental treatment procedures. Call us today at 602-482-5100 today for more information or to schedule an appointment.