We all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to decisions that involve their health. One of the most important decisions you can ever make for your child is the choice of a dentist, but what exactly does it mean when choosing a good pediatric dentist? Here are some characteristics to look for in the best pediatric dentists.


This might seem obvious, but it will be worth it in the end. The best pediatric dentists are those that have extensive industry knowledge. Industry knowledge means not only understanding the basic dental requirements but understanding what children need, as well as the most recent industry trends. Children’s needs, while foundationally similar, are completely different from adult needs, and an experienced pediatric dentist should be able to understand these needs.


The dentist’s ability to respond to the children’s questions promptly and patiently will be important to their success as a pediatric expert. Both the parents and children will appreciate a friendly welcome. The dental visit is often associated with phobia, and such a friendly approach reduces the dread in children. Furthermore, when children feel welcomed and at ease, chances are they will follow all the instructions given to them.


The dentist’s attitude matters just as much as their skills and knowledge when it comes to dealing with children. The dentist chosen should be one that adopts a caring and attentive attitude. The dentist should be able to deal with the children and their dental health needs and be able to handle nervous children. Make sure to choose a dentist that knows how to make your child feel at ease.


The earliest years will be some of the busiest for you and your children in terms of dental care and potential dental issues. More importantly, though, they lay a foundation for your child when it comes to their commitment to dental care and their habits later on in life. The best pediatric dentists are those that will educate about the advantages of good oral health in a fun and memorable way. 


Dental issues can often come at the most unexpected of times. Accidents while they play or potentially damaging situations will almost always need immediate attention at the most unexpected or inconvenient of times. Choose a pediatric dentist that will be able to handle situations as soon as possible. The availability of a pediatric dentist, after hours, during the weekends and holidays is extremely important.

The staff

It means little having a pediatric dentist who meets all the above-mentioned requirements, but with members of staff that do not appreciate what it means to work with children. In fact, it is the staff that will be in most contact with the children outside the dentist’s chair. When evaluating the dentist, think about their staff and how friendly and engaging they are. A less than friendly staff only adds to the parents’ and children’s anxiety. Here at LB Dental in Phoenix, you’ll get the very best in pediatric care, the kind that will leave you and your children healthy and at ease. To schedule an appointment, call us at 602-482-5100