The cosmetic dentistry industry is one of the more progressive industries in the dental field. Just like any other industry, every year brings with it new trends in service delivery and marketing. Here are some of the things that will likely rule the cosmetic dental industry in 2017-2018.

Dental bonding

If you have any chipped or broken teeth, cosmetic bonding procedures are the in thing. It is a procedure that will both repair and preserve the natural look of the tooth. Many dentists only work to maintain the functionality of the tooth and forget about the aesthetics. For the composite bonding procedure, you get the benefit of both aesthetics and functionality. It is a material that is similar to the enamel of the tooth, which involves the dentist covering the tooth surface with a composite material, after which they mold the material to the shape of the affected tooth. A tool that emits potent light is then used to harden the material into place on the tooth. It is a painless procedure that returns the natural shine of the tooth.

Discolored teeth

Individuals who suffer from discolored teeth will be happy to know that teeth whitening is becoming more popular. Staining for most people happens regardless of the fact that they brush and floss properly. It can be caused by drinking a lot of coffee or tea, or discoloration from regular smoking. However, teeth whitening weakens the teeth for a few days, so if you have this done, make sure to eat soft foods and drink mainly water.


A solution that continues to work for many people is veneers, which is not only effective but more permanent. Veneers are attached to the teeth, and can also hide discoloration and gaps in the tooth.


Implants have become the highlight of the cosmetic dentistry industry for the last few years. After the removal of the teeth, not even veneers can replace the real thing. Dental implants, though, are as close as it gets. They are basically the prosthetics of the dental industry. Dental implants are loved because of the fact that they not only preserve the tooth and jaw structure, but maintain the individual’s youthful appearance.

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