Dr Luka Bundalo

Children who have never been to the dentist may feel overwhelmed when it comes to their first visit. It is important to prep your child for their first dental checkup so they feel comfortable once in the dentist chair. Below are a few tips to help you prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist so the process can be stress-free.

Play Dentist

Your child should be around the age of three when they first go to the dentist so you can easily use play as a way to explain what will take place. Set up an area in your home to play dentist. You be the dentist and your child will be the patient. Use small words to describe what will happen. Talk about how your child brushes their teeth on a daily basis and how the dentist helps to keep teeth clean like brushing teeth. Show how the process takes place, explaining as best you can about the gas used and instruments the child may see. Try to peak the child’s curiosity instead of making the experience seem scary.

Remain Positive

When it comes to the dentist you have to remain positive. Whenever you are talking about your own appointments, never say anything negative. As your child’s dental appointment nears, be sure to speak positively. Remind your child each day of the upcoming appointment and how much fun it will be to experience.

Free Goodies

Most dental offices provide toys, toothbrushes and toothpaste for patients, especially children. Find out what your dentist offers and explain to your child. Let them know that at the end of an appointment they will receive a treat for being a good patient. This will help to get your child excited about going to the dentist. Who doesn’t love free toys!

Take Your Child to Your Appointments

Many parents feel that children are more comfortable in situations when they have experience. It may be beneficial for you to bring your child to your appointments or even siblings appointments so they can see firsthand what happens. Even just bringing your child in for a minute to meet the dentist and seeing the equipment can make the appointment less scary.

Preparation is key to providing a stress-free visit to the dentist with your child. Take the appropriate steps to ensure your child is ready for their appointment, taking the stress off of your shoulders and the worry away from your child.

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