While dentists are very thorough in their visual exams and visual exams are necessary to good dental health, they don’t always depict what is happening inside the patient’s’ mouth. It can sometimes be difficult for the dentist to pinpoint the exact area of pain or concern, as some areas of the teeth and mouth cannot be seen with the naked eye. In order to see more from your gums, bone structure, and spaces between your teeth, dentists are now using digital x-rays to get a much better view of your dental health. Digital x-rays are an essential tool for dentists and can allow them to examine your mouth and teeth in a more detailed manner. Catching major dental issues before they progress is very important to keeping up good dental health. Read further to learn more about how digital x-rays are helping dentists get a better view of dental health.

Digital X-Rays are a Valued Diagnostic Tool for Dentists

Digital X-rays are an excellent tool for dentists in that they allow the dentist to see places in your mouth and teeth that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The digital x-ray captures spaces inside your teeth, between your teeth, at the root of your teeth, and the bones underneath and around your gums, giving the dentist a much more thorough picture of what is happening inside your mouth. Many diseases and dental issues can be seen and diagnosed through dental x-rays such as impacted wisdom teeth, cysts, abscesses, etc. Digital x-rays also help dentists pinpoint the specific area in which they need to work. Panoramic x-rays are also available to dentists, which provide a wider picture of your teeth and bone structure. Panoramic x-rays allow dentists to look at each tooth in more detail, as well as the sinus areas.

Digital X-Rays Provide Less Exposure to Radiation for Patients

While digital x-rays still give off some radiation, they do not emit as much radiation as traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays also take less time to conduct, as they take pictures much faster than traditional x-rays, so the amount of time exposed to the radiation is reduced. However, dentists should still continue to use equipment to cover the patient in order to protect them from as much radiation exposure as possible.

Better Quality of Images

As with any health concern, it is always best to catch the concern before it turns into a much bigger issue, and digital x-rays can help with that. Digital x-rays can show cavities and other dental issues when they are small or just beginning to show themselves, making the treatment much easier and cheaper on the patient. Digital x-rays allow dentists to catch issues at a much earlier stage than traditional x-rays and can greatly benefit the patient. This is because digital x-rays take very detailed pictures of the teeth and gums and can detect even the slightest abnormality.

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