Waterlase Dental Technology

WaterLase MD is the most advanced dental laser today and a virtually painless way to have a wide variety of dental procedures.

The laser is a combination of water, air, and laser energy, making it by far the most gentle, precise and effective tool that we have for many common procedures. And because there is no heat or vibration, most patients’ pain is either greatly reduced or eliminated altogether, making anesthesia unnecessary.

More Accuracy, No Pain

When it comes to cavity repair, WaterLase renders the older drill completely unnecessary. The laser is able to remove decayed tissue with more precision and accuracy than ever before, and without the heat and vibration that makes drills so painful for so many. Because of improved accuracy, with WaterLase there is less damage to surrounding healthy tissue, allowing patients to keep more of the undamaged tooth. There is often no need for shots, which means no more numb lips!

WaterLase is also very gentle on soft tissue. Often anesthesia is completely unnecessary. In addition to being much more accurate and precise than older methods, with WaterLase there is much less bleeding, and less swelling afterwards, making recovery from gum procedures quicker and more comfortable. Did I say virtually painless?!?!

The benefits of laser dentistry are almost too numerous to list. Less bleeding, less pain, less swelling, greater accuracy (preserving more healthy tissue), speedier recovery, less down-time afterwards, oh…and no more numb cheeks and lips!! – these are just a few of the wonderful benefits of the WaterLase MD.

Quick Recovery with Waterlase

Because recovery is so much faster, our patients find that they don’t have to take nearly as much time off for dental appointments. And because the procedures are easier and quicker, we can usually also do more in one visit, again cutting down on time taken off to spend at the dentist’s office.

WaterLase is so effective, so accurate, and so painless, that it’s our first method of choice for any dental need. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you might have or provide more information.