Feeling pain anywhere in the body is never a good thing. It typically means there is something going on in that area and that is the bodies way of alerting you to something being off. When it comes to jaw pain, it could be a sign of different things going on ranging from a tooth issue to something more serious such as TMJ or even a sign of a heart attack.

Learning the different types of jaw pain and what to do about them is a helpful tool to have in your health arsenal. Here at LB Dental, we see patients with a variety of jaw pains and offer services to help you find the relief you need. Take a look below at a few of the different types of jaw pain and what you should know about them.

MMP or Muscle Pain

This type of pain in the jaw is typically felt as tight, painful muscles in the jaw itself. This is basically when your jaw muscles are simply sore. It could be from overuse such as chewing very tough foods, or it can even happen if your jaw is not moved enough to keep the muscles loose. This type of pain is usually felt as a dull ache such as when you have sore muscles. It can also bring on headaches, pain in your neck region, or even a feeling that your head is full. This can come on due to an injury or any other combination of things such as hormone imbalances and environmental circumstances as well.

Pain in the Joint Itself

You may also start to feel pain in the jaw joint itself. While the same things that cause MMP can cause this, you could also be facing something called TMJ or TMD. This is where the joint in your jaw has become injured or is out of place. It can also be from arthritis wearing away the cartilage in your joint area as well. This can come as a popping sound in the joint, pain in the joint area, or it may radiate to your ear as well.

Treatment Options

The first plan of attack is to find out what is causing your jaw pain in the first place. Dr. Bundalo and our staff will work with you to discover the root cause of your pain and then plan out a course of treatment to help you reduce or eliminate the pain altogether. Our jaw pain services include a range of options such as injections into the joint, orthodontics, and anti-inflammatory as well as others to assist in relieving the pain.

If you’re experiencing pain in your jaw area, it is important that you find out the root cause. Give our office a call today to schedule a consultation appointment:602-482-5100. Our warm and friendly staff members are awaiting to assist you in getting you back to living life pain free.