Tooth Filling in Phoenix

Most people think of fillings as just something to fix a cavity, but fillings can actually fix a host of dental issues…and very easily! Some of the more common concerns that can be quickly addressed with fillings are:


-Fix a cracked or broken tooth

-Tooth discoloration

-Replace old fillings

-Teeth that have been worn down (such as from grinding teeth, etc.)

And gone are the days of having to have teeth filled with the dark amalgam we all remember. Today, we have fillings which can easily be matched to the color of our natural teeth.  This material is a composite resin, and closely matches original teeth so that only you and your dentist will ever know you have a filling.

Composite resin is very strong and provides great resistance. Of course it also looks completely natural. It offers a few other benefits, too. This material bonds extremely well to teeth, which means that usually, less of the unaffected tooth material needs to be removed. And unlike metal fillings, composite resin is chemically bonded to the tooth structure so there is no chance of it separating from the tooth.

Obviously, we would all like to avoid ever needing a filling in the first place. Prevention is definitely the way to go here. By brushing and flossing daily and regularly visiting the dentist, we can greatly reduce the chances of needing a filling, along with a lot of other dental issues. But sometimes even with the best and most fastidious dental habits, we can still find ourselves in need of a filling. Thankfully, today we have the option of very advanced materials, which are matched to our natural tooth color, so that we can get the issue fixed quickly, go on with our day, and not compromise that beautiful pearly white smile!