Tooth Extraction in Phoenix, AZThe daunting prospect of tooth extraction doesn’t have to be as frightening as it sounds. Alot of it comes down to trusting the dentist. Do they have experience in painless dentistry, and years of tooth extractions? Patients all around the Phoenix are come to LB Dental for services ranging from cosmetic to general dentistry.

The concept of tooth extraction gives many people the chills, however we make the procedure quick and easy. Using 3D Imaging CT scans, a more accurate and detailed image of your tooth is provided so that the problem can be targeted exactly – with the least amount of pain and damage. This is also useful for a variety of other procedures such as bone grafts and receiving dental implants.

Replacement Options

In essence, tooth extraction is a procedure that needs to be carried out if the tooth has decayed too much. Most patients don’t like the idea of this, in spite of how necessary it is. Before starting the extraction, Dr. Bundalo will sit with you, listen to any concerns you might have, and make adjustments accordingly. Our goal is to make every dental visit and procedure as comfortable, informative, and painless as possible.

Once your tooth or teeth are extracted, you will have a couple different options for replacements. It’s critical to talk to a dentist that has deep experience here. Dental implants are usually a first consideration for tooth replacements. They are the longest-lasting, most natural looking and feeling replacement. If you have any questions and would like to speak to someone in person to ask about our services, feel free to call us today at (602) 482-5100.