Having regular dental cleanings is very important to the overall health and wellness of your mouth and complete body. There are a variety of instances where regular, routine cleanings can help you prevent further damage or even stop life altering health conditions from taking place. Take a look below at a few of the reasons that regular cleanings are so important for you and your entire family.

Prevents Gum Disease

Cleaning your teeth regularly will help to prevent gum disease from taking place. The gums can become infected or develop gingivitis even with your daily brushing. By working with our team here at Bright Downtown Dental, you can help stop gum disease in it’s tracks. We will perform your dental cleaning and inform you of extra steps to take to keep those gums healthy for your lifetime.

Prevent Oral Cancer

This type of cancer is very treatable, if it is caught early. That’s exactly what our team here is doing every time you have your regular routine cleaning. We are checking for signs of oral cancer and can help you get diagnosed and treated early on.

Prevent Tooth Loss

If your gums suffer from disease, you can end up losing your teeth due to cavities and other damage. Your gums can recede if not cared for regularly and your teeth can become loose. When that happens, your teeth can break off or be lost during eating or other activities. Our team can assist you in keeping as many teeth as possible so that daily tasks such as eating and speaking are much easier to do.

Catch Problems Early On

Regular cleanings can help us diagnose those early problems with your teeth early on. Perhaps you have a cavity beginning or the first signs of gum disease. By coming in to see our team regularly, we can assist you in getting those problems dealt with early on when treatment is less invasive. By preventing the damage from getting worse, you’re more apt to keep your teeth for a longer period.

Keep Your Breath Fresh

Many people deal with halitosis, or bad breath, on a daily basis and most of the time the root cause is a dental issue. By coming in to visit our dental office every six months, you can prevent that from happening to you.

Keep a Bright Smile

Yearly dental exams will keep your smile bright and shining as long as you have your teeth. Most stains such as coffee, tobacco, and food, can be removed during your cleaning by our expert hygienists.

These are just a few of the reasons that is it is important to get your regular dental cleanings each year. Give our office a call at 602-482-5100 to schedule your routine cleaning today.