When you look at the conventional surgery that oral dentists or general dentists use, they are highly mechanical requiring different types of tools. When a patient looks at the tray, he or she will usually feel immediately scared because of the size of the tools.

When a dentist stitches up a wound after an extraction, it leaves a great deal of discomfort which will require the patient to take painkillers to ease the pain. This is not the case with the laser equipment. When we use our Biolase laser, you’re much more comfortable because there’s less bleeding, faster healing, and better results than with conventional treatments.

The laser equipment emits light that interacts directly and precisely with the areas to be treated in a safe manner, while administering the right dosage. It can also provide therapeutic heat that is used to provide temporary relief in case of pain. The heat is safe providing an easy and fast response to pain.

There are various ways that this technique makes the patient smile all the way out of surgery, since there is no discomfort.

Treatment of Cold Sores and Canker Sores

The laser equipment is able to heal and reduce the period of recovery when a patient is suffering from sores. The patient will only experience a warm feeling around the area during treatment. The laser disinfects the sore, fastens the healing period and relieves pain. Within 48 hours, all is well, and the patient is back to full body capacity.

Removes Oral Growths

The Biolase laser system can also be used to remove papillomas and fibromas, which are a result of a traumatic bite on the cheek or on the tongue. When a patient suffers this kind of condition, the only thing needed is an anesthetic, and the laser treats the wound with minimal bleeding and great comfort. The healing period is shortened, and the results are impeccable.

Treatment of Gum Disease

When you experience bleeding gums, it’s a sure sign of gingivitis which is caused by the presence of inflammations in the gums with bacteria being the primary cause of it. Laser gum treatment comes in handy, which comes in a painless procedure. It destroys the inflamed zone and infected tissue. This is done over a short period of time. Great oral care after the treatment will improve the healing process significantly.

Gummy Smile Improvement

What better way to improve your smile if not by the use of the laser system. It is possible to improve a patient’s smile through the shaping of the gums. What this does is remove the excess gum tissue that is responsible for giving you a “gummy” smile and as another effect that causes the front teeth to appear irregular.

Fixing of “Tongue Tie” and Prevention of Gum Recession

It can also be used to remove the tissue connection which affects your speech by limiting the movement of your tongue.

The best part of any sort of procedure using the laser technology is that the patient experiences less bleeding and walks out of the surgery feeling good and comfortable.

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