Pain-Free Dentistry

Isn’t it funny how everyone just like us can find excuses to delay or miss that dentist’s appointment? Did you know that more than half of adults in the country have anxiety issues when it comes to going to the dentists- just like you? Most of us associate going to the dentist with shots/fillings or painful procedures. Here at LB Dental, we have state-of-the-art pain-free dental technology that makes painful visits to the dentist a thing of the past. Even if you don’t use LB Dental, here’s a few tips to help make your next visit to the dentist a little less stressful:

Find a Dentist You Can Trust

Dentists who received their training in the past decade will tell you all about the training they received based extensively on how to improve communications skills and handle patient anxiety. However, anxiety comes in many forms and if you connect with the dentist who will be working on your teeth might just be the key. Some people are afraid of smell, some of sound, etc. The doctor has to learn these cues so as to make sure that you are not bothered by them.

The best way to go about is to communicate, both before you pick a practitioner and before the procedure begins.

Be Honest

If you mention your fears up front, the dentists will help to eliminate them, instead of scoffing at them the way the voice in the back of your head suggests. Most patients try to handle the anxiety they feel on their own by self medicating. Coming to the dentists with chemicals in the body that the practitioner does not know about is an unwise move, especially since you do not know yet what pain relief the dentist will use (and at what dosage) and neither do you want to tell what you took.

New Technology is there for you the Whole Way

There are a few options that you can choose from when it comes to dental pain relief and prevention. One of the latest and effective methods is WaterLase which is great for people who literally cringe at the sound, if not sight, of a drill. At LB Dental, we use pain-free Waterlase technology for many standard dental procedures.

Here are a few benefits of Waterlase Dental Technology:

  • Virtually painless procedures. Since the WaterLase uses targeted laser energy combined with water, there is no generated heat, vibration or pressure. Often times, the experience is so gentle, anesthesia is not necessary.
  • Faster healing times. After many dental procedures, it can take weeks to completely heal. Because the WaterLase laser is so accurate and precise, there is less bleeding, less swelling and reduced trauma, which results in substantially reduced healing times.
  • Fewer visits. By using the WaterLaser laser, we can perform many procedures in a single visit. Often we can do the preparation and perform the procedure without any waiting!

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